Our journey is an exploration of flavours, crafted together to fuel the senses; harnessed from the finest grain; extracted from aromatic hops; melded by pure New Zealand waters; hewn by a culture of dynamic yeast. Our team cut a path to modernise age-old techniques in the pursuit of flavour fuelled creations.

Our beer projects are our way of exploring fuller flavours and consistently bringing new and interesting brews to our customers throughout the year. Our flavour fuelled range ensures delicious craft beer can make its way to your taste buds all year round.


Steam Funk is our seasonal funk style beer project. Old world style beers for the modern era. We are constantly bringing out new exciting flavour fuelled brews in this range to challenge your taste buds! Saisons, Farmhouse ales, and Kettle sours such as Goses & Berliner Weiss. Please check our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what styles we currently have available.


The beers we brew under our Lupulin Effect project are focussed on fuller flavour India Pale Ale style brews. This project allows our brewers to continuously develop new and innovative brews including: the annual seasonal brews using fresh New Zealand native Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops; the innovative and infamous extra hoppy IPA using fresh hop steam-distilled oil; German hopped beer; Red IPA, Double IPA; and most recently a Gin Lime double IPA (using handcrafted NZ gin and NZ limes) and a white IPA. Please check our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest IPA styles available.


The Nero series are our seasonal darker styled beers.  With a procession of flavour fuelled porters and stouts, the Nero series are hearty beers which are brewed with a complex richer flavour in mind; malt characters with coffee, chocolate and vanilla in aroma and taste. Please check our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest released dark brews.

Dusty Gringo.

Style: India Brown Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 6.8%
Colour: Dark Brown
Can Size: 440ml
Flavour Profile: Chocolate malt base, with lemongrass and citrus flavours and aromas.

Dusty Gringo India Brown Ale represents the rugged edge of the Wild West cowboy. A swig of this tasty brew charges your senses with the aromas of a mountain range of malt, and a hop kick reminiscent of that trusty steed’s hoof. The floral and citrus flavours imparted from the Cascade, Amarillo and Centennial hops, ride on a powerful chocolate malt base. A strong companion to explore the badlands.

Pontoon in a Monsoon.

Style: India Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 6.9%
Colour: Amber
Can Size: 440ml
Flavour Profile: Toffee/caramel flavours with tangerine undertones.

Those long 19th century trips from the British Isles to the East Indies were a tough old journey for the barrels of beer that were sent to quench the thirst of the troops. Smart thinking resulted in loading the brews with hops to act as a natural preservative… and the India Pale Ale (IPA) was born! We loaded our galleon with a boat load of pale crystal malt, plus Centennial and Cascade hops, to bring you a strong IPA with toffee orange flavours.


Style: Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%
Colour: Golden
Can Size: 330ml
Unit Size: 6 Pack
Flavour Profile: Floral and citrus hop aromas & flavours, over subtle honey and brioche malt.

The lotus has captivated ancient and contemporary cultures the world over for millennia. It displays an innate ability to rise above the watery chaos and present itself at dawn to worship the sun throughout the day. Subtle pale malt notes produce a clear golden hue and provide a platform for the Cascade, Kohatu and Pacific Jade hops to showcase their floral and citrus characters.


Style: Pilsner
Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%
Colour: Light golden
Can Size: 330ml
Unit Size: 6 pack
Flavour Profile: Malt driven palate with lemon zest flavours.

Finishing with a mineral hop bitterness Point breaks, sunshine, crisp beers on hot days. This easy drinking pilsner has a calm malt profile, with an undercurrent of lemon zest. We take its traditional bohemian beginnings, and introduce a taste of New Zealand with the addition of Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops, to produce this latest wave in the Deep Creek set.


Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 5.4%
Colour: Golden
Can Size: 330ml
Unit Size: 6 Pack
Flavour Profile: Fresh pine notes, with subtle grapefruit flavours.

In homage to the lumberjacks of the American northwest. Hardworking men who lived off the land and built a culture which epitomised strength, masculinity & non conformity. Everything we like in a beer! Golden Promise malts have hewn the perfect platform for it’s Pacific northwest companions, Columbus and Simcoe hops, infusing it with tastes of grapefruit and pine.

Leprechauns Belle.

Style: Irish Red Ale
Alcohol By Volume: 4.6%
Colour: Deep red
Bottle Size: 330ml
Unit Size: 6 Pack
Flavour Profile: Toasted caramel with hints of orange blossom.

European brewers have long enjoyed the flavours of roasted barley and the stunning ruby red colour it creates. Our forefathers in Ireland tinkered with this combination to create their own spin on the brew. We follow our family roots back to the Emerald Isle to create a Deep Creek version. A malt dominated beer with beautiful roasted barley and hints of orange blossom flavours.