Our Story.

Meet Paul and Jarred.  They’re the original guys behind Deep Creek Brewing Co, the craft beer brewery from Auckland, New Zealand.

Deep Creek was born on long term friendship and a burning desire to produce flavour fuelled handcrafted beer and bring it to the kiwi masses to enjoy.

Deep Creek Origins.

Influenced by the wide and varied flavours of craft beers around the globe, from village breweries in rural England to monasteries in Bavaria and alpine craft bars in the Rocky Mountains, they started brewing their own, with a kiwi twist.

Spending their evenings creating flavour fuelled brews which were tried, tested and enjoyed with friends and family in the backyard on Auckland’s North Shore and a few home brewer awards under their belts, the guys decided it was time to bring their beer to the public and so Deep Creek brew pub was launched in 2011.

Knowing nothing about hospitality was a daunting prospect but through a stroke of luck the guys met Scott Taylor who had had a long and successful career managing and operating bars around Auckland. Scott teamed up with the guys to overhaul the brewpub including many late nights spent taste testing brews and painting the brewing mural on the wall in Deep Creek. At long last the brewpub was ready for action!

Deep Creek Brewery.

The locals were loving the Deep Creek beer and were shouting for more. The guys realised they were fast outgrowing the brewpub and more beer meant they’d need a bigger brewery; so brewing operations were moved to Silverdale, Auckland.

Its in Silverdale where all Deep Creek beer is brewed today; we’ve got an awesome team of craft brewers who consistently strive to produce interesting, flavour-fuelled brews. It’s also here where you’ll find the Deep Creek tap room, so you can get beer directly from the source!

We still have our original brew pub and occasionally do guest brews there, bringing back some of the original beers for old time’s sake.

Flavour Fuelled.

Increasing demand for Deep Creek brews created an opportunity for us to package and distribute our beer throughout craft focused stores and in 2016 our brews began flowing down the length of the country and overseas.

From the beginning, our brewing team have adapted and experimented with many beer styles and continue to produce brews with more challenging flavour profiles to showcase the exciting styles originating from Europe and the West Coast of the States. The addition and experimentation with NZ hops has produced a NZ twist on these styles.

deep creek beer cans

Deep Creek Beer.

The beers we brew have won some pretty decent awards here in NZ and over in Australia; though for us our most important accolades are still the thumbs up and rave reviews from our fans who continue to call for more.

Our enthusiasm was born in this awesome country and inspired from friends here and around the globe and our inspiration remains the same, to fuel our favourite beer styles with exciting flavours. We hope you continue to enjoy!

Drop us a line.

If you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you. Call in and see us at Silverdale, or head over to our contact page.